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About us

  Shenzhen Yunke 3D Technology Co., Ltd. has professional technicians and sales staff who are dedicated to the integration of 3D design, 3D printing and 3D scanning applications, sales and services. We uphold the concept of using three-dimensional digital solutions to improve your productivity, change your working methods and enrich your creative life. In the future, we will gather more customers and friends to join the creative world of 3D.

  The company has established a 3D service center: providing high-precision resin printing, metal printing, nylon printing, red wax printing and various 3D product printing services, blue-light 3D scanning services, animation design, 3D industrial design, CAV product testing and other engineering processing services.

  The company's product applications include toy dolls, animation handmade, jewelry, medical equipment, automotive industry, consumer electronics, furniture wood carving, cultural relics protection, education and scientific research, etc. It is widely used in mould, machinery industry design, dental and bone repair, reverse engineering, 3D inspection, etc.

  Broad and profound, calm. As a practitioner and pioneer of 3D printing technology, Yunke's three-dimensional technology is determined to provide a complete set of solutions from design to manufacture for further optimizing the "production benefits" and diversified industrial-grade users of 3D printing enterprises, so as to match the high-quality application support from digital software to equipment hardware. Similarly, Yunke's three-dimensional technology will also increase in the industry market. The integration and deployment of technical resources on the field will help customers to "build the future intelligently".


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